AT HOME. Here on the Leitha Mountains, Birgit has found the perfect home for herself, her family, her animals and her vines. The Leitha Mountains, foothills of the Alps and home to exceptional fauna and flora, and Lake Neusiedl, Europe’s largest steppe lake, national park and habitat for people and animals, have a major influence on the wines and their styles.

The unique terroir of the LeithabergDAC region, pure cool limestone and warm gneiss soils combine with cool winds from the mountain and warm, humid air from the lake and create tension, minerality and finesse in the wine. Birgit’s philosophy is to make it possible to taste everything, to let the vines do their work and only to accompany them, not to carry out any fining or technical interventions. The results are wholesome, energetic and balanced wines, harmony filled in bottles, which carry the Pannonian attitude to life from the centre of the world in Purbach – like stars – out into the world.


Unique vineyard sites are not only the place where vines root, they are a habitat for more life.

Life of animals, plants and the people who work with and for Birgit and contribute in a holistic way to create the best possible.

Living space for goats and sheep – GUTENBERG

Source of life for insects, beekeeping – ROSENBERG

Living space for chickens and place where fruit trees root – BURGSTALL

Centre of life and seat of winery and courtyard with stork’s nest

Living paradise garden where cherry trees thrive – THENAU and FELSENSTEIN

Life elixir – spiritual place – GOLDBERG and the outermost Thenau.

What they all have in common is their unique location at the foot of the Leitha Mountain, on the shore of Lake Neusiedl, on ancient soils of Leitha shell limestone and gneiss: a microclimate that is simultaneously the foundation for work and purpose of life.

Nothing happens in living nature that is not connected to the whole.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe