Birgit heart wines

Reconsider horizons. Broaden. A new wine generation.

Birgit aspires to reconsider traditional standards and methods and to explore new paths. She has created a new inimitable style by successfully combining old knowledge with modern techniques in the vinification of her Pinot Blanc BIRGID and her MAGNA MATER amphora wines. Her recipe for success is her unstoppable will for the highest quality and openness for new discoveries. The result is a new generation of wines.

I aspire to produce organic wines with meticulous attention to taste quality.


Delicate elderflowery, fruity extract, pure minerality, robust structure derived from  prolonged maceration period.

Nimue, also called the “Lady of the Lake” was a ruler in Celtic mythology. Excalibur was borne from her waters. She was the foster mother of Lancelot and Wizard Merlin’s lover. This mystic world is reflected in the complexity of this multifaceted wine. Sauvignon Blanc magically evolves inimitable fruit and vibrancy in this wine. Pure enjoyment on its own at 12 °C (54 °F) or paired with Asian inspired dishes or potato dumplings filled with finely diced greaves.


Brigid is the Celtic goddess of light. Pure flinety minerality!

Subtle notes of marzipan,  menthol, graphite, lemon verbena, white flowers, and ground hazelnut.  Fully ripe and vibrant with a taut mineral structure and long finish. Best drinking pleasure at 12 ° C (54 ° F), either on its own or in combination with baked cod or  hake with pickeled vegetables.


PetNatRose, sparkling, fine and flavourful.

The Rosenquarz is a sparkling wine produced according to the old “ancestral” method of bottle fermentation. Best grape material is sourced and no yeast, sugar or sulphur is added. Each bottle ferments individually and is unique. Exciting drinking pleasure!