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We have an impact on the planet every day – we have to decide which ones.

When the time is right, our wines are bottled. For us, sustainability not only means farming in a way that is suitable for our grandchildren, but also being innovative in resource management on the farm. Out of conviction, our wines do not come in heavy designer bottles, but in Burgundy eco bottles We deliberately use […]

Highest standards of quality

The 2022 vintage is in the cellar All musts ferment smoothly and gently. For me, fermentation is the birth of the vineyard, we just accompany it, don’t want to add anything, on the contrary, we want to work out the potential of the vineyard in the wine. And the best way to do this is […]

Be yourself the change you wish for the world

There is just one planet! Business with compassion! Sustainability has many aspects – above all 3 pillars: the biological-biodynamic ecology, the profitability of the company and the social impact of the company on employees and the social environment. Sustainability is not a fashion trend in our family, it is a living philosophy and a major […]

Longing for joie de vivre-live joy!

“Why are your barrels labeled with special names such as joy, love, peace, happiness, abundance, satisfaction?” I keep getting this question when I go to my wine cellar with wine friends, because I write positive perceptions on my barrels with the sincere wish that this be stored as information, to be carried out with my […]

from pruning to harvest

The winegrower’s year begins after the first frost. Or does it end there …? Thoughts about the wine year at Braunstein: Winter stands for retreat, gather strength and pool. The landscape shows itself in brown, sparse dress. Nature seems to be at rest. But she is already collecting reserves, information for the next season. For […]

From hibernation to spring tiredness?

From hibernation to spring tiredness? Not at all. Our year starts with the pruning after January 6th. We have been cutting for over 7 years according to the “gentle pruning technique”, which meticulously ensures that each vine is cut according to its power and water supply. Each stick counts and is processed individually according to […]


Over centuries, our cultural landscape has developed into an infinitely diverse habitat through responsible, farming management. In times of agricultural intensification and the pursuit of steady profit maximization, this diversity is unfortunately lost in many places due to the destruction of important landscape elements (such as hedges, trees, single trees, etc.). Here, especially in organic […]