Biodynamics - Wildwux

There is only one healing power and that is Nature.


Not only her family and her business, but above all – the vineyard – where her wines are made, are naturally a matter of the heart for Birgit.

For almost 20 years, she has occupied herself with biodynamics and a holistic way of life. As a member of the Demeter Group (Nicholas Joly’s “la Renaissance des Appellations” and her greatest challenge), Birgit places every being – plant, animal, human – absolutely at the centre of her work. The core of her work is to promote, demand, support and accompany with precision.

Soft pruning, consideration for the constellation of the moon and the stars, and supporting the growth and ripening forces of nature exclusively with herbal preparations are a matter of course. The fertilising compost comes mainly from her chickens, goats and sheep. Beekeeping, old trees, perches for birds of prey, and incubators complete the colourful conglomeration of diversity and vitality, as well as the unity of humans and nature.

The wildwux project unites all these ideas and promotes the unique cultural landscape in which we are allowed to live and work. Birgit is also fully aware of her responsibility towards the next generation, her motto: “we have only rented the land”; we are only guests on this earth, where everything is connected.

AS MOTHER of two sons, Birgit questioned conventional systems and structures in all areas. She was co-founder of the first Waldorf School in Burgenland and soon decided to raise and accompany her children under the life concept of homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine. Success proved her right and she now applies these experiences to flora and fauna in and around her vineyards.

Her passion, qigong, is much more than a hobby. It helps sharpen the power of observation and perception, and train one’s inner vision. As in the teaching of this Chinese form of movement and meditation, where man lives rooted and strives upwards, the vine is also anchored in the earth and stretches towards the sky. “Live as if heaven were on earth”, a call and message that Birgit tries to live holistically.