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      Wine is the noblest embodiment of the spirit of Nature.


      Company name: Birgit Braunstein KG

      Manager: Birgit Braunstein
      Member of Chamber: Chamber of Agriculture Burgenland
      Products and services: Weingut/Winery
      Street: Hauptgasse 16
      Post code/City: A-7083 Purbach
      Tax ID: ATU62576000
      Court register of Commerce: Landesgericht Eisenstadt
      Register of Commerce Nr.: FN 279027 i

      Trade and Industry:
      Court of jurisdiction: Bezirksgericht Eisenstadt

      District administration: Eisenstadt Umgebung

      Wine customs nr.: QUW red under 15 % alc. – 2204 21 78
      Wein customs nr.: QUW white under 15 % alc. – 2204 21 38
      Organic certification control nr.: AT-Bio-301

      Telephone: +43 (0) 26 83 / 59 13
      Fax: +43 (0) 26 83 / 59 13 – 22
      WEB:  and

      Bank: Bank Burgenland
      Account nr.: 910-710-621/00
      Bank ID: 51 000
      IBAN: AT255100091017062100

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