There is only one healing power and that is Nature.

Biodynamics. Holistic lifestyle.

400 years of wine cultivation documents the sustainable lifestyle of Birgit’s family. Working according to organic principles is a logical matter of course. Responsibility for the next generation and our environment is the foundation of Birgit’s work. To work biodynamically means committing to a holistic method that integrates the cosmos, the sun, the moon, and the earth.

The goal is to support health and growth to achieve more vitality and balance in the soil and vines. The results are living, vibrant and salubrious wines.

For Birgit, Demeter regulations are the absolutely essential means for mindfulness in her work in and with nature. The farm is viewed as a self-contained organism. The interaction of humans, animals, minerals, and plants are the central focus.

Great value is placed on a healthy and safe workplace for seven employees at Weingut Braunstein. Most of Birgit’s co-workers have been at the winery for around 15 years and do their jobs with joy and competence. Their work has a broader impact as one would suspect: not only in the vineyard and cellar, but also in the fields where rare plants like pulsatilla, ardonis or iris thrive. Nests, hoopoe houses, and perches are provided for rare bird species. Selected cherry and vineyard peach trees are planted as a contribution to landscape biodiversity.