We have an impact on the planet every day – we have to decide which ones.

When the time is right, our wines are bottled. For us, sustainability not only means farming in a way that is suitable for our grandchildren, but also being innovative in resource management on the farm.

Out of conviction, our wines do not come in heavy designer bottles, but in Burgundy eco bottles

We deliberately use thin-walled bottles. They are more economical to produce, they also save weight and thus fuel during transport.

We have also introduced a deposit system for our customers in the winery. We take back bottles and cartons that are in good condition for a deposit and reuse them.

Targeted use of resources is also needed in production.

Our photovoltaic system on the roof of the winery is used to generate electricity and hot water. Most of the electricity is consumed during the day. The processing of the grapes, the bottling labeling and cooling systems are powered by our photovoltaic system.

The hours of sunshine in Burgenland are captured sensibly.

The heat pump is also used to cool the cellar and to produce hot water.

 And should it rain again, we collect the rainwater and use it for spraying in the vineyard and for our home garden.

Sustainability is also reflected in cultural and social commitment:

All of our grapes are of course harvested by hand. The first selection takes place in the vineyard by our trained employees. A grape harvester is out of the question for us. Such a machine replaces 120 employees per hour – but the ground is shaken and compacted, resources are consumed and expert selection would be impossible.

Fair payment for employees and further training opportunities are a matter of course for us. We have 7 permanent employees, most of whom have been working with us for over 20 years. They supported the development of the Demeter farm and also participated and supported all training courses with commitment – such as gentle pruning. Our employees are an important pillar in our winery and also ensure “good vibes” in the courtyard.

We know that we are not an island and that our winery cannot be viewed in isolation. Therefore, the preservation of the cultural landscape is very important to us. Since 2020 we have been holding market days in the historic courtyard. Local producers display their handmade, organic products, from cheese and bread to ceramic artwork and precious stones. The pieces on display can be tried on and purchased. Our winery should be a meeting place – to enjoy, exchange ideas and philosophize.

We also organize days where enjoyment, beauty and the joys of life are in the foreground – you can find all dates HERE

It is a great pleasure for me that our farm was certified as a Green Care garden courtyard in 2022. Green Care “Where people flourish” As a Green Care garden educator, it is important to me to bring people and nature together. We address people who want to find healing in nature and offer nature and health experience days, feel-good hours and health walks – more information at office@weingut-braunstein.at

An intact landscape, the social network of a family environment and the security of a functioning democracy – millions of people can only dream of that. The happiness of being born in such a place, where I have dedicated myself to sustainability for years, has become even more clear to me, especially in the exceptional situation since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Anyone who knows me knows how I think, because I not only discuss the big problems in the world, I also try to help!

Under “Hand in Hand” we offer 3 wines that aim to make the world a better place. The net proceeds flow into selected social projects. At the moment we are financing access to school for children in Nigeria and also providing medical care. Other projects will follow – see HERE.

A project close to my heart was the founding of the first Burgenland Waldorf school, the “Sonnenlandschule” in 2006. Because “joy makes school”!