Longing for joie de vivre-live joy!

“Why are your barrels labeled with special names such as joy, love, peace, happiness, abundance, satisfaction?” I keep getting this question when I go to my wine cellar with wine friends, because I write positive perceptions on my barrels with the sincere wish that this be stored as information, to be carried out with my wines.

I want to touch people emotionally with my wines. Wine is much more than an enjoyable, alcoholic drink. It tells the story of the winemaker, the family, captures the region and reflects the vintage. In the wine you can see the handwriting of the winemaker, it is her personal expression. It is a matter close to my heart to produce wines with added value, high quality terroir wines that create a feeling of freedom, joie de vivre and a sensual experience between people.

“Yesterday we (2 people) drank 2 bottles from you, tasted great and today we are fine, no headache, wonderful!” Or “I always get a rash with red wine, not yours, why?” Or “my nose always runs when I drink wine, today I didn’t need a handkerchief, why?” I am very touched by such feedback.

Since I am also a searching person, I long for evidence of my method. This is how I came up with Dr. Masuro Emoto. With this method he succeeded in making visible what sensitive people have always felt: water is not just water, but can have different “vibrations”. Accordingly, drops of water, which are photographed under the microscope based on Emoto’s method, either show strikingly beautiful, regular structures – or irregular and incomplete shapes and forms. I figured if that worked for water, why not for wine. I sent my wines to Dr.Emoto in 2012 and he photographed the crystals. The statements in the pictures were more than convincing and confirm my path.



The holistic approach in the gentle biodynamic production, coupled with my deep joy and gratitude for the wonderful gifts and gifts of nature, creates lively wines with a distinctive character.

With this in mind, I wish you, my dear wine friends, a lot of joy and enjoyment with my wine! For your welfare. Take care about you and stay healthy

Birgit Braunstein


“It is the inner joy that gives love and meaning to our existence – and at the same time brings hope and peace to our uncertain world. ”

So Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu in the book of joy